Studio A

Studio A is one of the best tracking and mixing rooms in Upstate NY. In our lively-sounding, cathedral ceilinged tracking room, great drum sounds are a given.. The vintage MCI console, 2″ 24-track machine and large amount of analog outboard gear ensure that your digital mixes are fat and punchy. GFI’s Studio A has welcomed thousands of projects, and just keeps on rocking!

You might choose Studio A for your project if you’re doing lots of full band tracking and need the following:

  • Pro Tools, Sonar, Nuendo and others
  • State of the Art digital recording
  • 24-track 2″ analog recording capabilities
  • Classic analog console and outboard gear
  • Control Room – 14′x 23′
  • Main Room – 25′x 27′
  • Iso Booth – 6′x 7′


  • Console: MCI/SONY automated 636, 36x24x2
  • Monitors: Dynaudio BM15A, Minimus 7, JBL 4430, Auratones, Yamaha NS-10’s
  • Outboard: Lexicon 200, PCM-70, PCM-60 (3), TC Electronics M-3000, dBX 162VU, (2)API 3124, API 550A, ART ProVLA (2), Oram Hi-Def EQ, API 550 EQ and much more…
  • Great Mic Locker


Studio B