Music recording rates are 35.00 – 75.00 per hour.  This rate includes the studio and engineer and most equipment owned by the studio.  Rentals are available from various sources if you really need something that we don’t have on hand- which happens very infrequently!   You’re welcome to arrive ahead of time to load in and set up your gear,  if scheduling permits. The session officially starts when the engineer starts working ( setting up microphone stands and going through your songs is working ).

We back up every session to CD-R or DVD, test it, and will be happy to store it for you. Although masters that you have paid for  are officially your property,  we are not responsible for any loss or damage.  So, If you really value your work, we strongly recommend that you purchase an external hard drive for additional backup.  Backing up the session is part of the recording experience and will be billed accordingly.

Corporate rates are 65.00 – 125.00 per hour. For a comprehensive quote, please inquire.