Douglas Zogby



Douglas Zogby

Douglas has been playing in bands since the age of 16 years old and is an avid fan of contemporary music. His ever-expanding vinyl collection spans across many genres, from eclectic indie and ambient, to post-rock and pop. Doug strives to understand client’s needs long before their recording session to help them achieve their own sonic identity. Doug has the sense to capture an artist at his peak performance and always brings musical intentions to the next level.

Along side working with many great bands, Doug’s productions and songwriting can be found in many notable places.
2015 highlights:
Song production on a Sony Provident feature film
Songwriting for a TV series (TBA)
Proposed to Becky… (She said yes!)

Current projects include:
Jackson Cavalier and the Fevertones, Like Vintage, Stavo Danials Band, Taylor Lee Smith, New Archery, No Glitter, Unwill, Claudia Hoyser, and The Flag Girls.

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