Tony Gross

President, GFI Productions

Tony began his foray into the music business at the age of 19 as guitarist for A&M Records recording artist “Head East.” During his tenure with the band, which lasted from 1980-1984, he played an average of 250 shows per year and recorded two full-length albums with the St. Louis-based group.  In the early 1980s through his work with several renowned producers, Tony developed an interest in studio design and music production.  As a result, he formed GFI Music Publishing, Inc. and opened his first full-service recording studio, The Hamster Cage, which would later become GFI Productions.

In 1989 Tony leveraged the purchase of the studio inventory of “Music America,” the Rochester, New York studio in which Metallica recorded “Kill ‘Em All.” 1992 brought another facet to his career when he founded the record label Beyond Records Corp. to cultivate the young Rochester band Exploding Boy, which Tony also managed and produced. The band enjoyed immediate success with exceptional regional sales and local Top 20 AOR commercial airplay of its first full-length CD, New Generation. Beyond Records’ second signing was Randy Jackson, formerly of the Atlantic Records band Zebra, and Randy’s solo record, entitled Randy Jackson’s China Rain, charted in the Top 100 AOR nation-wide. Tony sold the Beyond Records moniker in 1998 to Left Bank Management and stayed on as independent A&R for the label.

In 1999 GFI Productions doubled its recording capacity and opened a second studio to accommodate its growing commercial business while remaining loyal to its musical roots. In addition to his work in music production and artist management, Tony has composed and recorded award-winning music for Volvo, The United Way, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and ESL.

Tony is a partner in the Miami based artist management firm A list Artists, a board member of the Rochester Music Hall Of fame and a voting member of the Recording Academy (the Grammy Awards) and is  a recording industry consultant to Nazareth College in Rochester, New York.  Additionally, he has served as contributing editor for EQ Magazine,  beta tester for Lexicon, Inc.,  advisory board member of Applied Research and Technology, advisory board member of  Root Words and has been a featured guest on WXXI’s Bob Smith show on Digital Rights Management.

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