Roy Stein

Roy is one of upstate New York’s most well known and respected musicians. He brings over 30 years of experience through the studio door. His recording career began as a drummer in CBS/Enigma records punk/alternative band New Math. That group shared the stage with bands like the Ramones, Psychedelic Furs and Pretenders. Roy currently is the drummer/songwriter and engineer/producer for the internationally acclaimed Atomic Swindlers, a lush sounding popular rock band that has won raves and the highest accolades from writers at magazines such as the Rolling Stone, Village Voice, Paste, and scores of internet sites. The editors of EQ Magazine, one of the world’s leading audio and recording periodicals were so impressed with Roy’s work they asked him to write for the magazine on a regular basis!
Roy is a well schooled musician who also plays guitar and keyboards. His formal musical training combined with his extensive playing history in live band allows him to approach a client’s music from both an experiential and analytic perspective. Roy’s recording philosophy is simple, “Every aspect of the studio experience should promote the creation of great music and capture the artist’s vision of what their music should sound like. It’s all about the artist, their vision and their music.”
As Roy says, “I love the craziness and multiplicity of factors that go into creating great music. The players, their background, their experience, their love for their music and the energy level. The song itself….lyrically and musically are we doing it justice??? The arrangement, does it compliment the song and what the musicians are after??? Did we nail the recording quality so that it’s first rate from both an audio and creative sense. Ultimately I want the artist to walk out of the studio saying; wow….I can’t believe this song sounds so good.”
Roy sums it up by stating, “All my years of playing live and studio gigs have given me an advantage with working with musicians in the studio. I know how important studio time is to the artist and how much a person’s music means to them. I’ll go to all ends of the earth to create a supportive and comfortable studio environment where the artist can create and capture the type of sound that their music deserves. Plus with my network of upstate connections I can get the artist whatever they need…. from phenomenal studio musicians of all genres to the most exotic of musical instruments.”
Finally, we round out Roy’s resume by noting that he is Co-Director of Nazareth College’s Music Business program. Plus as an added bonus you’re well protected in the studio….he’s a licensed NY State attorney and a black-belt martial artist! Oh yeah… and please don’t forget to check out Roy’s articles and/or product reviews that he has recently written for EQ Magazine.