The mastering process ensures that your project has the impact, clarity, tone, and yes, even volume, of a commercial release. Through a combination of various digital and analog tools including noise reduction, equalization, spatial enhancement, and single- and multi-band dynamics processing, we can give you the piece of mind that your music won’t be held back by a lack of sonic integrity.

Even if you’ve recorded your project elsewhere, consider us for your mastering needs. Often, it is wise to get a new perspective on your mixes. New and objective ears, different speakers, and a new listening environment can make all the difference in this critical stage of your project, revealing any problems that may not have been caught earlier. We offer experienced engineers, superior quality tools, and multiple speaker references ranging from high-wattage extended-frequency range systems, to low-fi boombox-style stereos, all of which will guarantee that your project sounds great wherever it’s played.

GFI combines all this with advanced disc authoring options such as cross-fading of songs, creation of hidden tracks, UPC encoding, and more, to give you a professional finish to your music while still leaving you with enough of your budget left over for all your manufacturing needs.

Sound like a major label release for $249.00 or less! For a FREE mastering quote, fill out the form below and send a CDR or DAT copy of your project to: